About Me

IMG_9525My name is Joe Fessenden, in case you could not figure that out from the url of the webpage.

I am a seminarian for the Diocese of Nashville studying at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans. At the moment (September 11, 2014), I am in my second year of theological studies. That means I have completed 3 years already (3 1/2 in my case since I came in the middle of an academic year), and, after this year, I have two more years ahead of me. I have already been instituted to the Ministry of Lector for the Catholic Church. In a few weeks, I will be formally instituted into the Ministry of Acolyte. Next year (assuming all goes according to plan), I will be accepted as a candidate for Holy Orders, and I will be ordained to the diaconate in the Spring of 2016. I will then be ordained to the priesthood to serve the Diocese of Nashville in the summer of 2017 (God-willing).

Just realize that that everything I just told you is probably out of date by the time you are looking at this since I am not going to go out of my way to regularly update it. Let’s just say that, if I stay on track and take the common amount of time for everything, that’s what will happen and when.

You can read my whole vocation story here: Vocaaaaaareeeeeeeeee (in a Dean Martin Voice)